Upward & Onward

I was always amused to meet people who told me that they found their job on HotJobs because I had no idea what it would become. I didn’t know how to dream that big when I left Yale. But I also didn’t know how not to dream that big. And Richard taught me that without a big dream, there is mediocrity. Cliché? Sure. But witness it for yourself. You cannot be risk adverse, and downsize your dreams to be a successful entrepreneur.

And here is what I learned:

  • The start of any organization is dependent on a core group of dedicated people.
  • Fire any bad apples without remorse as soon as possible.
  • Always plan 3 steps ahead of what you’re doing.
  • Middle Managers are of questionable efficacy.
  • The best times were when we were less than 50 people, and everyone gave a damn.
  • Going public sucks.
  • Drink all the soda you want in your 20s. When you hit 30, it just makes you fat and rots your teeth.
  • Sleeping at the office accomplishes nothing.

Of course, in keeping with tradition, I cannot write about the years from 2001 to 2005 because it is too close, too fraught with bias.

After 3 years of traveling and photographing, JBA approached me with an idea in early 2004. And we talked about it with Thom. It was obvious to me then as it is now, that I don’t work without Thom and JBA. And then we paired up with some new friends, Jason and Grover. And then we brought Tim aboard because Tim gets shit done, and I can count on Tim. And I have that feeling once again, that this could be something big. And I find myself excited to get up in the morning.


Now wait patiently, ya hear. I’ll see ya in 2009.

35 Facts

  1. I am a sometimes professional photographer.
  2. I play jazz piano and the cello.
  3. I am a huge NJ Nets fan.
  4. I had season tickets for 3 years, and went to the NBA finals twice. I didn’t get to play.
  5. I floss daily.
  6. I love Haribo Gummi Bears and Coke.
  7. I love fountain Coke more than Coke. And it must have ice all the way to the top of the cup, or I won’t drink it.
  8. I despise people who ask me if I like comedy. They test my patience.
  9. I dream of dunking. It’s very easy to dunk while dreaming.
  10. One of these facts is a lie. This is so that you cannot steal my identity.
  11. I am a robot.
  12. I’ve driven to all 48 contiguous states in my car.
  13. My parents’ cat, Sammy, is a very fat cat.
  14. I’ve been accused of having an addictive personality.
  15. I stayed up till 7:30am watching Season 4 of “24” on DVD.
  16. I drove from FL to NY in one shot.
  17. The people that live below me call my apartment to complain about the loud music even when I’m not home.
  18. Many people in my building call me “Patrick” because I look like another guy in the building named “Patrick.”
  19. I don’t think anyone calls “Patrick,” “Allen”
  20. I slightly resent being called “Patrick,” but not on account of him. I like Patrick. It’s just that my name is “Allen.”
  21. I swore like a sailor as a kid, and in 4th grade decided to stop. I didn’t swear for 2 years.
  22. Josh inserted my surname into an episode of The West Wing
  23. I was interviewed on The Daily Show
  24. The Olsen Twins used to live in the building next to me.
  25. I spent the turn of the millenium in a data center with JBA.
  26. I hate camping.
  27. I believe repetition is funny.
  28. I have very flat feet, and have difficulty wearing anything but sneakers.
  29. I believe repetition is funny.
  30. I really enjoy science. My favorite equation if PV=nRT for no particular reason, except that it seems ideal. P=mv is my second favorite. These equations have a way of gaining momentum.
  31. If you laughed at the previous fact, I like you.
  32. I love watching movies in the theatre. I hope they don’t start releasing new movies on DVD and the theatres simultaneously.
  33. I cannot believe that I am the age that I am.
  34. I like to say to people, “if you love it, why don’t you marry it.”
  35. At the end of a meal, I like to look at the scraps on people’s plates, especially if they look particularly gruesome, point, and say, “You gonna eat that?” with the implication being that I want to.

Is it 2009 yet?